125 years of Public Health

Celebrating 125 Years of the Institut Pasteur International Network

Celebrating 125 Years of the Institut Pasteur International Network


The Pasteur Foundation sponsors periodic events that assist in advancing the mission of the Institut Pasteur. Pasteur Foundation bi-annual Galas, Webinars, and other events in New York and Paris are just a few of the ways friends of the Institut Pasteur stay informed and connected.

The Pasteur Foundation recognizes individuals and corporations who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to safeguarding and improving health worldwide at its fundraising Gala. The presentation of the Pasteur Foundation Award is one more example of how the vision of Louis Pasteur is kept alive within the larger international community.

Selected past Awardees include:

  • Ambassador Anne Cox Chambers, 2004
  • President William J. Clinton, 2006
  • Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, 2007
  • President Nelson Mandela, 2008
  • Frank Riboud, 2010
  • Muhammad Yunus, 2010
  • Christopher A. Viehbacher, 2012

Through the support of generous friends, the event raises funds largely dedicated to underwriting fully-funded student Fellowships, Summer Internships and research on the Institut Pasteur Campus and its International Network. To learn about ways in which you can support the Institut Pasteur and invest in the future of scientific discovery and exchange through Fellowships, Internships or the International Network, please contact the Pasteur Foundation. 212.599.2050 or Director@PasteurFoundation.org. Thank you.