Pasteur Museum

The Pasteur Museum preserves the memory of Louis Pasteur with the apartment he and his family shared on the Institut’s grounds. The Museum is also home to Pasteur’s laboratory equipment and scientific notebooks. Below the Museum is the funeral chapel and crypt where  Pasteur and his wife are interred.

An historic site, the apartment appears as it was when Pasteur lived there, and houses all of his original furniture, art, photos and awards. Personal mementos from heads of state and works of art from international artists decorate the walls.

The scientific lab equipment on display includes over 1,000 items including crystals, flasks, original vials from Pasteur’s experiments, microscopes, autoclaves and more. The items on view help illustrate Pasteur’s vast research work ranging from rabies to fermentation and from silkworm disease to vaccines.

The Museum is located on the south side of “rue du Docteur Roux” – within the Institut Pasteur’s first Paris building, inaugurated on November 14, 1888.

Location: 25, rue du Docteur Roux – 75015 Paris 
Phone: +33 (0)1 45 68 82 82

Métro Station: Pasteur

Institut Pasteur MuseumInstitut Pasteur MuseumInstitut Pasteur Museum