Pasteur Foundation presents:

The First Annual Roundtable
With Dr. Christian Bréchot, Françoise Barre-Sinoussi and Dr. Thomas Bourgeron 
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Local Research...Global Impact

Pasteur Foundation: Pasteur’s Frontline against Ebola

Pasteur’s Frontline against Ebola

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Watch “Understanding Autism” 

An interview with Autism Experts
Dr. Thomas Bourgeron and
Dr. Wei Liping.
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Inspiring the next generation of scientists

Pasteur Foundation

The Pasteur Foundation supports American scientific exchange through post-doctoral fellowships, undergraduate summer internships, and related programs that advance scientific discovery. The Foundation fosters international exchange through 3-year fully funded post-doctoral fellowships on the Institut Pasteur campus in Paris and on 32 International Network sites on 5 continents. Throughout the year, the Foundation sponsors educational Round Tables, Webinars and special events to raise awareness and to engage the larger international community about the Institut Pasteur and its ongoing scientific achievements benefiting the global community.

Institut Pasteur

Since its creation by Louis Pasteur in 1887, the Institut Pasteur has been a recognized pioneer in the field of global public health. From Pasteur’s discovery of the rabies vaccine in 1885 to the identification of the AIDS virus in 1985, the Institut Pasteur has been responsible for the development of countless diagnostic and therapeutic tools that have advanced the understanding of genetics, Emerging Infectious Disease, neurosciences and vaccinology. With its 32 International Network sites, the Institut Pasteur continues to protect the health of countless populations around the globe. Since the establishment of the first International Network site in Vietnam in 1891 to the 2011 inauguration of its Laos site, the Institut Pasteur continues to fight against disease directly in the countries where they originate.

News & Updates

Ebola Virus and Institut Pasteur

Since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, several scientists from the Institut Pasteur have been offering their support to an international aid plan...

Coronavirus, the causal agent of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

As part of its mission to monitor influenza and respiratory viruses in France, the Institut Pasteur has mobilized its teams at the French National Research Center...

Potential therapeutic targets for blocking AIDS virus replication

Scientists from the Institut Pasteur and Inserm have identified several proteins in humans as potential new therapeutic targets for treating the AIDS virus.